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More than 1250 years of history – Bretten looks back on a proud past. Today tracks of its history-charged past can still be found within numerous buildings and sights. Discover these via a guided city tour. Museums like the one at the birthplace of the great reformer Philipp Melanchthon, the museum in the Schweizer Hof or the Gerberhaus offer diverse programs, even on rainy days. The south of Bretten (Im Salzhofen 9 & 10) is enjoyable for adults and kids alike. At Bretten Zoo, Germany's biggest petting zoo, goats, lamas and many others happily welcome visitors. A special leisure event for kids and adults is the climbing park with zip-line courses for all ages. Additionally there is a beautiful playground in the forest right next to the zoo.


The City center of Bretten with its half-timbered buildings around the market square is the ideal place for an extensive shopping day in the various boutiques. Several times a year Bretten offers long shopping nights and special Sunday sales events along with delicious food options, live music and many other delights. If you are hungry or thirsty after a long shopping day, relax in one of the numerous cafés, restaurants and pubs and enjoy the delicacies they have to offer. A listing of all eateries is available at the tourist office. Due to its history, culture and great shopping opportunities Bretten has been with nationwide recognition included in the select group of the so called small town pearls by the Tourist Marketing GmbH of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in 2018.

BRETTEN is active

Swimming and sauna enthusiasts enjoy themselves in the modern spa world Bretten (Max-Planck-Str. 1). The in- and outdoor spa can be enjoyed rain or shine.Additionally the hilly countryside in the Kraichgau offers diverse trail options for hikers and cyclists alike. There are standardized plates all throughout the trails that keep you on track with no need for websites, apps or maps.

BRETTEN is curious

Did you know, that legend says, a small fat doggy saved the town in 1504 from the besiegers of Ulrich of Württemberg? When they saw the well fed doggy of Bretten they recognised that they had no chance to take over the city. Do you know what Nuremberg and Bretten have in common? In the 18th and 19th century Bretten was also famous as a metropolis for ginger bread cookies. But not only ginger bread cookies, also toys were produced in Bretten for many years. The company IDEMA was first to receive a patent for plastic building blocks, the competitor LEGO company only came up later. And Bertha Benz refueled her car in the pharmacy on Bretten's market square during the maiden trip of the first motor car.

BRETTEN celebrates

Bretten knows how to celebrate. This becomes most apparent during the annual Peter-and-Paul-Festival in the beginning of July. Umpteen thousand participants present life of the siege in 1504  for four days. The history of Bretten comes  alive in the narrow streets and squares - colorful hustle and bustle. Drums, campfires, medieval music and various spectacles accompany you perfectly on a journey through time. Different markets and other events guarantee variety all year long. Every two years our city park presents the program Summer in the Park. You can enjoy many events including theater, music, cabaret, literature and sports. One of the highlights of the year is the five-day long Wine Market in the end of September, where winemakers of Baden and Württemberg offer their fine wines and seasonal delicacies in comfortable pergolas.


You can easily reach Bretten by tram. Both the lines Karlsruhe-Heilbronn as well as Bruchsal-Mühlacker make various stops in the city. You can also get to the trains of the „Deutsche Bahn“ at Bretten main station. Bretten is also easily accessible by car, no problem because of several connections to state roads.You can find an overview of parking spots on the homepage Free WLAN is available in the city center and the market square. Many restaurant owners in the city center take part in the campaign „Friendly restroom“ and open the restrooms for the public.

BRETTEN - come back soon

A nice day in Bretten is ending? Just come back! Bretten offers many cultural events throughout the whole year. Concerts, theater, readings, exhibitions and more offer a versatile program for all kinds of interests. Those who want to stay longer can find accomodations in different hotels, guesthouses and holiday flats. The actual event program and index of hosts are available in the tourist office. For all other questions regarding your stay please do not hesitate to contact the team of the tourist office.

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Tel. +49 7252 583710


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